Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Makeup Kaboodle

So, a few months back I found the perfect makeup "train case". I wanted a sturdy and cheap one... and I got this one from Walgreens for $29.99! I went to Target the other day and saw that they were selling this same exact one for $41!! Target prices are bullcrap (sometimes).

So this is how it looks when you first open it. On the left, I keep my q-tips, a tiny mirror, extra brushes that I bought from the Coastal Scents website, and my Laura Mercier eyeliner. On the right, I have my eyeliners, mascaras, scissor, lash glue, primers, and carmex.

Underneath the right side, I have my single MAC eyeshadows, Sephora lipglosses, and MAC lipsticks. I also like to pile my smaller palettes on top, but I'll show those later.

Underneath the left side, I have my makeup remover, face powders, one MAC blush, more single MAC eyeshadows, and my single Victoria Secret eyeshadows. Seriously though, I need to depot my MAC eyeshadows into a palette. They're taking too much freakin' space!

In the middle I like to keep all my brushes and larger palettes.

These are my brushes (from Cathrine - thank you again!!). I honestly don't know what brand the larger one is... they shed at first, but not anymore. I use these brushes on my models. The travel-sized brushes are Japanesque, which is a really good brand. I highly recommend Japanesque brushes because they're soft on the skin, and doesn't feel prickly. I use the Japanesque brushes for myself.. I don't use it on anyone else!!

Besides my brushes, I keep the rest of my palettes.

I finally completely my first MAC palette :)

These are my mini palettes that I love!

Aren't they pretty?!?!?!

Make-up is seriously an expensive hobby, therefore I felt this was blog worthy.

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